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Its Not Just About Your Auto Care

–Its About You

About Zuhme

We are a mobile auto care provider that is based out of Kalamazoo Michigan. We provide mobile car cleaning services that make keeping up with your car as easy as a phone call.

We created Zuhme to not just help people with their vehicles but to bring real value to the lives of our customers. These days life moves so fast and it can be hard to keep up with everything, especially your auto care.

We believe that auto care should be easy and affordable. It should leave you confident and feeling good everytime you set foot into your car.

Our Mission

To offer simple, convenient and affordable service that creates value for the people and communities we serve.

What We Know

We know that waiting in lines and working your schedule around someone elses business hours can be unbearable.

We know that people like you want more from your auto care providers, that you deserve more. We know that we will do whatever is necessary to fill that gap, to create true value for you. We know that if it isnt making life easier for you, then why bother?

Our Location


Zuhme operates right out of Kalamazoo Michigan. A great town with a rich history and an amazing community. We are currently servicing Kalamazoo, Portage and the surrounding areas.


Connect with us:

For support or any questions Email us at info@zuhme.com

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Phone: 1-877-219-8463


Zuhme Mailing 

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Zuhme Inc.

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